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Edge OS Fabric for Next-Gen VDI & EUC

Zero Trust Computing

Our Mission:

Enrich End User Computing for everyone, even on highly constrained End User Devices,
such as "zero clients".

Nedge Computing Corp. is transforming personal cloud computing, making it accessible to all remote users. Its patented optimization solutions harness Cloud and Edge resources.  

Nedge is initially focused on enhancing VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and then it will branch into Gaming, AI, AR/VR & all EUC, as well as IoT.

Low Latency
Super Resolution
Optimal WAN Bandwidth
High Frame Rates
Feature-Rich UX
Nedge - AI logotype in orange.png
AI Enablement

Optimizing Remote Cloud Computing Capabilities

Nedge offers innovative AI-enhanced personal cloud computing solutions to help businesses optimize their remote computing capabilities, on any EUD, even a basic, low-cost device (e.g., a "zero client"). The core patented capabilities are based on compute offloading, endpoint aggregation, and proxy optimization, all consumed on the Edge to maximize workload efficiency.

Progress Metrics


Technology Patents




EUD Cost


Lower Power



Eric Miller

Wireless Industry Executive and CEO of FWE Consulting

"Nedge delivered via 5G will usher in a new era for VDI. For the very first time, VDI will be accessible on a mobile basis over large geographical areas while delivering the responsiveness users demand. Nedge will help realize the many benefits of 5G private enterprise networks."

Kevin Goodman

Former CEO of FSLogix (acquired by Microsoft); Inventor of work used by Citrix & Microsoft

“Nedge’s technology will make it possible for any modern computer with a web browser to operate as a VDI client device with the responsiveness of a traditional personal computer."

Andrew Palowitch, Ph.D.

CEO of Octagon II, Inc. and former US Government Intelligence and Defense Community Executive

"Nedge solves fundamental end point device speed challenges making it a key new element for all US Government and commercial enterprises.”

Enabling Remote Cloud Computing

Nedge is committed to bridging the gaps in Cloud VDI computing so it can be used on any EUD, even the most thin and zero clients. By removing the final barriers to entry, CIOs can now fully embrace cloud computing, with confidence, for their user base within a VDI / DaaS environment.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business get that winning edge.

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