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Our Solutions

Acceleration of Edge Computing and Streaming

The Nedge architecture, with its patented acceleration technologies, leverages the Cloud and deploys on the Edge to boost personal remote computing resources & the overall user experience

  • High performance & rich features. For example, AI-based super-resolution safe-browsing, gesture-control, optimized unified communications (UC) for cloud VDI on low cost end user devices (EUDs).

  • Very low maintenance. For both VDI/UC vendors (i.e., removing need for app plugin updates) as well as for corporate IT with their EUD management.

  • Extremely easy to try. An existing corporate cloud computing user can get accelerated by just opening a browser.

Product: Nedge-Meet

Edge-based, plugin free Media Optimization for VDI Unified Communications (UC), supporting all UC apps without limitations.

Diagram of Nedge-Meet product, a patented Edge Acceleration solution



/ user /  month

Volume-based subscriptions

based on Platform as a Service (PaaS) model



per account install

Nominal professional services fee for install and deployment. Connect to Nedge Node with minimal effort

Pricing Model

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