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Our Technology

The Nedge architecture, with its patented technologies, leverages the existing cloud infrastructure to optimize remote computing and correct pervasive quality issues related to desktop virtualization and other complex computing use cases (even on the most basic End User Devices - e.g., "thin" and "zero" clients).

Unique, Efficient Architecture

Nedge Nodes in Cloud Infrastructure for Optimized Remote Computing

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Deployment: 5G Coverage

Nedge Nodes are accessible via the Edge's 5G coverage area.

Shared Edge Computing with 5G Coverage

Technological Convergence

Nedge is at the intersection of multiple cutting-edge technologies: cloud VDI, edge computing, ultrafast wireless, deep AI, miniaturized hardware, high-density FPGA, etc.

Remote Computing

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

Nedge brings Cloud VDI to the next level with minimal end user device (EUD) hardware, e.g. "zero clients". 

Icon of Edge Acceleration for remote computing with VDI or otherwise

Mobile Computing

Born for 5G, WiFi 7

Nedge is Plug & Play compatible with 5G, making remote computing truly mobile over large geographical areas.

Icon of a fast connection to broadband infrastructure on 5G or 6G

End User Computing

Zero Client Devices

Nedge makes it possible to use EUDs with minimal resources for any type of cloud computing. 

Icon a networking of distributing Edge Computing resources and accelerators for better remote computing experience
AI Enablement graphic.jpg

AI Enablement

Nedge uniquely leverages its hardware & software AI capabilities on the Edge, and captures large data sets to provide 'deep insights' for key stakeholders.

Patent Summaries



Shared Resource for Transformation of Data

A proxy device may change compression of data for a set of local devices...

Mobile Zero

Client Device

Methods for Providing a Mobile Zero Client

The disclosure relates to a portable computing device configured to select-ably switch....





A proxy device may organize a set of local devices as members of a union...

Zero Client Caching

Zero Client Device with Cached Connections

Multiple concurrent session connections can be cached for a single Zero Client device....



Multi-presense Application Architecture

A principal application may be executed on a principal computing device...

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