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Virtual Desktop Computing

Use Cases

for Communications

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Most Unified Communications (UC) apps, like Teams, Zoom, Webex experience performance issues when used with VDI. Edge acceleration will improve latency, pixilation etc. without a plugin.

for Manufacturing

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Factories, manufacturers and automakers use complex engineering apps connected to Edge devices like sensors and Edge Acceleration can help maintain exacting performance.

for Gaming

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Gaming and Virtual Reality requires a high degree of computing power with high-cost devices. With Edge Acceleration, the UX can be enhanced dramatically w/o having to add more device resources.

for Retail

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In the face of rapidly changing consumer demand, behavior and expectations, the world’s largest retailers can enlist Edge Computing and acceleration solutions to deliver a better user experience. 

for Healthcare

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Edge Computing and Acceleration technologies can help advance healthcare. High performance computing is critical to ensure safety and provide the highest-quality care experience.

for Education

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During the pandemic, the cloud infrastructure of educational institutions suffered greatly as students were forced to work remotely; however, the off-campus user computing suffered.

for Smart Cities

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Cities, school campuses, stadiums and shopping malls are examples of places where Edge Acceleration can transform locations into smart spaces. 

for Call Centers

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Call center operators can significantly lower their cloud infrastructure costs and have their agents working on low-cost end user devices ("zero clients").

for Cloud Providers

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Cloud service and VDI providers are actively seeking solutions to address limitations in delivering high quality data, audio, video streams to remote client devices. 

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