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Why CIOs want VDI for their users?

Pros, Cons and Use Cases

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) revolutionizes the way organizations manage and provide desktop environments to their users. This technology centralizes the hosting of operating systems on a server, allowing authorized users to securely access the organization's server from any device through a dedicated portal, thereby eliminating the need for dedicated work laptops.

There are some clear benefits to VDI, but it's crucial to fully understand its gaps and limitations. To learn more about how to best manage your environment, read our paper.

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Which device is best for your VDI?

Thick, Thin or Zero Client

Most of us, when joining a new company in the past, would be provisioned a traditional desktop, or rather a “thick client” device. A thick client, also known as a fat client, represents a variant of client-server architecture characterized by a networked computer system wherein the majority of resources are locally installed, as opposed to being distributed across a network.

The question is whether that type of device offers the best stability, security and sustainability. To learn more about your options, read our paper.

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Why the Edge matters to EUC?

For Now & Beyond

Office Manager

Edge computing, as its name succinctly implies, represents computational power strategically positioned at the periphery of a connected ecosystem. This placement is in close physical proximity to endpoint devices like sensors or mobile phones responsible for generating data. The primary function of end user computing (EUC) at the Edge is to receive and process data originating on nearby endpoints.

As devices get smaller and smaller, demand for Edge computing will grow exponentially. To learn more about how it will benefit VDI now and AI / IoT in the future, read our paper.

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Product Manager

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