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Enhance & extend life of Tera2 devices
as well as other thin & zero clients

Get direct access from your Tera2 devices to collaboration tools such as Zoom & Teams for first time ever. We're helping IT managers improve the UX as well as potentially delay the need for a device upgrade.

Our edge-based, multi-purpose OS platform can do just that - enhance & extend the life of zero client devices, such as those with the Tera2 chip.

Domain Expertise - Nedge's CTO was the lead inventor

of the world's only PCoIP Zero Client laptop.

Here are 2 big benefits:

Capital Savings

Nedge solutions can help extend the life of your current devices and allow your finance team to delay a large CapEx for device upgrades.


Operational Savings

Nedge solutions will improve productivity of end users by consolidating work onto a single device, lower OpEx and improve the overall UX.

​​​​​​​​​Here are 3 solutions that can help with your transition planning:

Nedge MEET

MEET is Nedge's flagship product that is an edge-based, plugin-free media optimization solution accessible from any device (including a Tera2).



SURF creates a micro VM to isolate a web browser (e.g., Chrome) and can control which websites can be accessed from any device (including a Tera2).


Need MAP

MAP is offered as a value-add solution, as a default with MEET or SURF, that provides seamless protocol translation (e.g., from/to PCoIP and Blast Extreme). 

AI Enablement graphic.jpg


IDC-Innovator-2024-badge-blue (1).png

Nedge Computing Corp. named an IDC Innovator in the IDC Innovators:

AI/ML at the Edge, 2024

(doc #US61793824, January 2024)


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